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Foam concrete manufacturers advantage
Edit:Shenzhen Jin Jian Da Construction Co., Ltd   PublicDate:2017-06-27

Foam concrete manufacturers advantage, the current construction of housing in Shenzhen, or repair the road is also a lot of traffic. In the construction of this industry, you can imagine the need for a lot of foam concrete. Here we look at the small series of detailed explanation.

1, small investment, flexible scale. Foam concrete block on the production conditions are not high, only the scene and simple shed, starting from a simple production line, using a small amount of mold, investment costs, and gradually expand. If we need to expand the scale and increase production, we can buy more production lines.

2, local materials, waste utilization and environmental protection. The foam concrete block material is widely distributed and can be used for cement and river sand as the main raw material, and can be used according to local conditions and materials, fly ash, slag, slag, tailings, slag and other industrial waste gas as raw materials, Environmental protection.

3, the production method is flexible, easy to implement. Foam concrete blocks can be fixed production lines, large production lines, mobile production lines, on-site construction and production.

4, the use of a production line, as long as the adjustment of the size of the mold or tool, you can produce a variety of products.

5, quick results. Equipment installed a few days after the product can be seen in the month income, six months of capital investment can be recovered investment costs.

6, it can produce ultra-light products. At present, the market similar products under the weight of 500 the following treatment, m3500kg / m3 difficult to produce more products not less than 300kg / m3, while the foam concrete can produce 200 ~ 300 kg / m3 ultra-low density block (mainly for non- Load-bearing wall insulation, sound-absorbing wall, theater insulation, etc.).

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