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Shenzhen foam concrete use
- 2017-06-26-

Shenzhen foam concrete use

1, the construction of sports ground and track and field.

Drainage water permeable foam concrete used as a lightweight foundation with gravel or artificial turf as a playground. The density of foam concrete is 800-900 kg / m3. Hockey, soccer and tennis can all be obtained in this sport. Or in the foam concrete covered with a layer of 0.05m thick porous asphalt layer and plastic layer, can be used for track and field runway.

2, as a sandwich to build

Foam concrete can be used as the inner core of prefabricated reinforced concrete members, making it light weight, high strength and heat insulation. With the density of 400-600 kg / cubic meter of foam concrete is usually used.

3, slope roof

Foam concrete for roof slope, with light weight, construction speed, low cost advantages. Slope is generally 10 mm / m, thickness 0.03-0.2 m, with density of foam concrete is 800-1200 kg / m 3.

4, canned feet support

The foam concrete in the steel tank is ordered in the order (with thick oil and chemicals at the bottom) and, if necessary, a convex foundation to ensure that the entire bottom support is in the best stress state during welding and continuous support for the tank bottom. At the same time, convex base is also easy to clean. The density of foam concrete used is 800-1000 kg / m3.

5, other

Foam concrete can also be used for thermal insulation of the firewall, sound insulation floor fill, tunnel lining backfill, power and pipeline separation. These aspects apply not only to foreign countries, but also to foreign countries. In China, with its unique product advantages, its application range of foam concrete market will continue to develop more widely, will be in the wider world, for our services, will also bring wealth, more opportunities.

6, used as a composite wallboard

Foam concrete is used to make a variety of lightweight wall panels, used as insulation walls in a frame structure, or composite wallboard made of thin steel sheet. The density of foamed concrete is usually about 600 kg / m3.

7, pipeline backfill

Underground waste oil tank, pipeline (including crude oil, chemical), sewage pipes and other gaps easily lead to fire or landslides, foam concrete backfill can solve these problems, the cost is low. The density of foamed concrete depends on the diameter of the pipe and groundwater level, usually 600-1100 kg / m3.

8, poor concrete filled

Due to the flexibility and flexibility of foamed flexible flexible hoses, it is often used for poor quality concrete filling. If the insulation requirement is not high, the density of the lean concrete is about 1200 kg / m3 of filler, with an average thickness of 0.05 m; if the insulation requirement is very high, the density of the lean concrete layer at 500 kg / m3 is 0.1-0.2 m Average thickness.

9, used as retaining wall

Shenzhen foam concrete is mainly used as a harbor dam. As a lightweight backfill material, foam concrete reduces the vertical load of the wall and reduces the lateral load of the side wall. This is because the foam concrete is a rigid body with good adhesive properties. It does not exert lateral pressure along the surrounding walls. Reduce the amount of settlement, reducing maintenance costs, saving a lot of costs. It can also be used to improve the stability of foam concrete embankment slopes by reducing the impact of slope stability by replacing some soil slopes due to reduced quality. To reduce the side pressure of the foam concrete density of 400-600 kg / cubic meter.