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Shenzhen foam concrete manufacturers standard
- 2017-06-20-

Shenzhen foam concrete manufacturers . National standard JG T266-2011 foam concrete standards for foam concrete foaming agent made the following indicators:

Bubble Multiplication> 20

Settlement distance / mm <>

Bleeding capacity / mL <>

However, in terms of foam stability evaluation parameters, there is no uniform technical standard in our country, and there is no good agreement between the scientific research units. The amount of bleeding and bubble changes to measure the stability of the bubble, the more slowly the more stable the trend of change.

The foam was formulated with 100 ml of foam liquid at a stabilization time. When the volume of 100ml, the bubble basically disappeared, the time is the bubble stability time.

The stability of the foam was evaluated with changes in the height of the foam over time. The greater the change, the higher the stability. Performance evaluation standards are not uniform, resulting in performance comparison of foaming agent and academic exchange inconvenience. Therefore, it is very important to develop a reasonable and uniform standard. The foam stability evaluation criteria should make the most reasonable choice for the specific use of the foam. One of the key technologies for the preparation of foamed concrete is how to ensure that the mold will not collapse after pouring, which requires the cement slurry to condense before the bubble, not a lot of broken.

Shenzhen foam concrete manufacturers in a certain early strength agent and accelerator conditions, the cement slurry in 1h or less time will eventually condense, so the foam stability at this time is the appropriate standard. For fa-r foaming agent, there is little change in the volume of the foam within 1h, and there is some inconvenience and error in the measurement. Therefore, the measures of unstable volume change are accurate. The main reason for the bubble burst is that the film makes the film thinner and reduces the protective effect on the foam. Therefore, this study uses 1H to reflect the rate of foam drainage conditions, and then evaluate the fa-r foaming agent foam stability test is more appropriate.

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