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Shenzhen foam concrete insulation
- 2017-06-19-

Shenzhen foam concrete (also known as foam light soil) is mainly used in: Foam insulation roof, foam insulation block, foam concrete block; in the framework of the structure for the insulation wall or with a thin steel plate into a composite Wallboard

Raw materials:

1,42.5 or 32.5 If you want to quickly set up ordinary Portland cement, you can use fast hard Portland cement or sulphoaluminate cement;

2, two secondary fly ash, slag powder and other active admixture 1;

3, bubble agent. A variety of foaming agents can be used fast hard cement or sulphoaluminate cement for Portland;

4, Portland General Cement accelerator. First, in general, the aggregation rate of Portland cement reduces the rate and quantity of foam burst;

5, anti-water absorption agent, mainly to improve the product's water resistance, moisture resistance, water absorption decreased.

Shenzhen foam concrete insulation layer for the roof insulation layer of mining, must also be used, but has been cut off, because this foam concrete products fire, low cost, construction speed, most have been replaced by foam concrete. Today, the developed countries in the warm insulation layer selection of foam concrete, foam concrete in China to warm insulation utilization rate has now reached more than 30%. Depending on the momentum of development, it will replace 100% of the polystyrene foam. Compared with polystyrene foam, foam concrete has the following advantages and competitiveness:

1, the use of lower cost. Self-extinguishing polystyrene foam price of 150 to 170 yuan / cubic meters, the total cost of 200 to 300 M3 / m3 foam concrete is only 100 yuan, the cost of foam polystyrene than 30% to 40% low, with significant economic advantages.

2, construction speed. Pouring concrete pouring not only need to lay once a time, but also faster than the construction of polystyrene foam board 1/3.

3, if there is no seam, sewn to make up the heat of the joints. Polystyrene foam board is so laid, seams, which simply form a cold bridge or bridge.

4, high heat resistance. The drawback of polystyrene foam is low heat resistance and begins to divide at 74 degrees. When the temperature continues to rise, it will melt and shrink. Ground heating pipe temperature is unstable, sometimes more than 74 ℃, will cause the thermal degradation of polystyrene foam, so that insulation failure. Therefore, the use of foam cement inorganic materials, heat up to 500 degrees, no thermal differentiation, so the longer life, does not constitute insulation failure.

5, green, non-toxic harmless Foam concrete does not contain any toxic ingredients, foaming agent and a variety of admixtures are not volatile harmful substances, is conducive to the indoor environment. However, due to thermal differentiation, polystyrene foam will release the toxic gases of styrene. As a result, foamed concrete is more environmentally friendly than polystyrene foam.

6, degrees better than the styrofoam. Polystyrene foam compressive strength, only 0.02 ~ 0.03mpa, 200 ~ 300 kg / m3 of foam concrete compressive strength is 0.6 ~ 0.8 MPa, good compressive strength.

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