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Construction of foam concrete
- 2017-06-12-

Construction of foam concrete . Based on now, look to the future. Looking back at every footstep we walk through, we have reason to believe. Jin Jianda people in the self-confidence, professional, sincere attitude, we can work together to achieve greater customer mutual benefit and win-win!

Inclined roof insulation works: part of the villa roof tilt even up to 30 degrees, even the original introduction of these equipment and technology manufacturers are afraid to undertake these projects, that the success rate is not high, the risk is too great. But I will bring the scene back to the projection of the discussion, we also agreed that the risk is too large - so much slope, such as the usual construction certainly not, "like water poured on the dusky steep, can stay in the steep But the general engineer is uncharacteristically, that can try, "normal water will not stay on the dam, but if the outside temperature is particularly low, the dam is long, the water is slow, maybe the water has not flow In the end to the ice, and not to stay on the dam? ---- these as long as the external conditions are available.Then, the technical group began to do experiments, sample success, orders, on-site construction.

Foam concrete, as a new building insulation system, the advantages of significant: thermal insulation effect is good, light and high strength, while the fire rating of A1, has been adopted for more and more builders and insulation as a necessary system , While its construction also put forward different standards and requirements. For these standards and requirements to enrich the contents of the foam concrete insulation system, but also to the actual construction has brought some challenges and problems, but the earliest introduction of foam concrete insulation system construction of Xiamen Hongyang Xing Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. - as long as There is a requirement, even if some customers require even to meet or exceed the bubble concrete itself performance or parameter limit, we will not be easy to give up, the service, the quality to do the best!

Indoor pad high backfill construction: indoor pad height, especially the first floor for the integrated hall, requiring pad height 30-40cm, per unit strength of at least 8.0MPa or more, also have to consider the weight of the floor load (underground there are negative one / ), The original design for the ceramsite concrete, consider the cost is too high, bearing weight is too large, after contact with my company to foam concrete construction. After the site survey, experimental demonstration to determine the construction.

Super high-rise building roof insulation construction: Xiamen, a residential project, the top of the roof from the ground straight from the distance of nearly 110 meters, the roof to do foam insulation and insulation (and slope), the general foam concrete equipment foam concrete slurry straight Height of not more than 90 meters, the normal construction difficulties, because my company has long been the introduction of imported hydraulic double-cylinder foam concrete equipment, so high-rise roof foam concrete construction is my company's housekeeping skills.

Shenzhen Jin Junda Construction Co., Ltd., specializing in building insulation system, very early foam concrete construction (also known as: foam concrete) into Shenzhen and the surrounding areas, has a well-trained professional construction team, service, the best quality.

In the company continue to grow and develop in the process, by the customers are consistent praise and a high degree of evaluation. The company has so far served customers are: in the construction of two, in the construction of three, in the construction of five bureau; China Railway Second Bureau, Shenzhen Jianan, Shenzhen Construction, Shanghai Bao Ye, Hunan Construction, China Huaxi, and so on business.