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Cast - in - place Construction of Shenzhen Foam Concrete
- 2017-06-13-

Cast - in - place Construction of Shenzhen Foam Concrete . The scope of use in China is very wide. But the foam in China started late, so now mostly used in the building, while in foreign applications is quite extensive, The construction of foam concrete is mainly used in the following aspects: the use of foam concrete to increase the stability of embankment slope.

1, used as a sandwich component. In the prefabricated reinforced concrete components can be used as foam core foam, it has a light high-strength insulation of the good performance.

2, used as a composite wallboard. Made of foam concrete into a variety of lightweight panels, in the framework of the structure for the insulation or filled with thin steel plate made of composite wall.

3, used as retaining wall. Mainly used as the shore of the port. Foam concrete as a lightweight backfill material for the wall, can reduce the vertical load, but also reduce the lateral load on the wall. Because the foam concrete is a good adhesion of rigid body, not along the surrounding side of the wall to exert lateral pressure to avoid or reduce the settlement, maintenance costs will be reduced. Foam concrete can also be used to increase the stability of embankment slopes, It is used to replace part of the soil of the slope, which reduces the weight, thereby reducing the impact of slope stability of the force.

4, the construction of sports ground and athletics track. The use of strong drainage capacity of the infiltration of foam concrete as a light foundation, covered with gravel or artificial turf, Can be used as a playground. Such stadiums are available for hockey, soccer and tennis. Or in the foam concrete layer of 0.05m thick porous asphalt and plastic, can be used as track and field runway.

5, pipeline backfill. Underground abandoned oil tanks, pipelines (built-in crude oil, chemicals), sewage pipes and other easily lead to fire or landslides, the use of foam concrete backfill to solve these troubles, The cost is also less. The density of foam concrete used depends on the diameter of the pipe and the groundwater level.

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