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Shenzhen use of cast-in-place foam concrete
Edit:Shenzhen Jin Jian Da Construction Co., Ltd   PublicDate:2017-06-05

Shenzhen use of cast-in-place foam concrete

Foam concrete can also be used to enhance the stability of the embankment slope, with which it replaces some of the soils of the slope, reducing the quality of the slope and reducing the stability of the slope.

1, the construction of sports ground and athletics track. The use of strong drainage capacity of the infiltration of foam concrete as a light foundation, covered with gravel or artificial turf, as a sports field.

2, for the sandwich components. Foam concrete can be used as a core in prefabricated reinforced concrete structures to provide good performance with light, high-strength insulation

3, used as retaining wall. Mainly used as a port of the dyke. Foam Concrete Foam Concrete Cement Warmer Cushion used as a lightweight backfill material on the wall can reduce the vertical load and also reduce the lateral load on the wall. This is because the foam concrete is a good adhesion of rigid body, it does not along the surrounding side of the wall to exert lateral pressure, settlement decreased, maintenance costs are reduced, thus saving a lot of expenses.

4, pipeline backfill. Underground abandoned oil tanks, pipelines, sewers and other holes easily lead to fire or landslides, the use of foam concrete backfill can solve these troubles, the cost is also less.


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