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Lightweight foam concrete which is good
- 2017-06-05-

Lightweight foam concrete design and construction work must be carried out in accordance with the norms, a variety of norms is the long-term theoretical research results and engineering practice summary. Not only to master the basic requirements, the use of, but also in-depth understanding of the theoretical basis of each article, so that in-depth theory, flexible use.

At the same time, with the scientific development and practice requirements, many new achievements will continue to emerge concrete, the standard will be revised in a timely manner, the general specification of China's concrete around 10 years revised, but with the development of society, standardized revision speed will The concrete design and construction is a kind of social practice behavior, can not leave the social constraints, should implement the country's technical and economic policies, so that the technology is advanced, safe and applicable to the development of concrete, Economical and reasonable to ensure quality.

The theoretical system of the complex, discrete, and concrete materials of light foam concrete is based on the test.

Many of the assumptions depend on the results of the test, many of the formulas come from the experimental verification, many factors can not be controlled, still need to be addressed through structural measures, many theories still need to continue to develop and improve, lightweight foam concrete with different functions of concrete material performance needs constant Digging.

Foam concrete has excellent heat insulation, compared with ordinary concrete, has a good heat insulation, about 20-30 times the ordinary concrete. The external force has the cushioning property, the superiority of the earthquake, because there are numerous inside the foam concrete bubbles, for the external force shows the cushion, improve the shock resistance, the pressure dispersed to other parts. Construction is not affected by the climate, in the humidity deviation of the construction site, the free use of the material, according to the design requirements of the construction, the process is simple. Foam concrete density between 250-1600kg / m3, is ordinary concrete 1 / 5-1 / 8, are lightweight products, can reduce the overall load of the building. Sound insulation performance is better, because the foam concrete can form numerous independent bubbles, sound absorption capacity of up to 0.09-0.19%, 5 times the ordinary concrete. Fully solve the problem of living space noise.

Lightweight foam concrete with strong dispersion and safe flow, can form a uniform and independent foam (0.1-0.3m / m). Foam concrete absorption rate is low, foam from the tough and independent of the foam connection, the absorption rate of 25% or less. Foam concrete strength is better, with the required strength of the construction according to the mix ratio configuration. With long-distance transport and high injection capacity, foam concrete with a unique liquid and tough foam, coupled with the characteristics of strong mobility, can be long-distance transport, and the workability and injection capacity, can extend the machine life.

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