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Bubble Concrete Manufacturer - Advantages and Application of Foam Concrete
Edit:Shenzhen Jin Jian Da Construction Co., Ltd   PublicDate:2016-12-19

Early traditional concrete materials have been unable to meet the needs of modern engineering, both in terms of material performance or cost price to the project to bring a greater burden, in this context, many advanced engineering materials are formulated, foam concrete is a A new type of engineering materials. In the modern construction industry to use a number of aspects of the material, foam concrete is one of the most important structural material, then what are the advantages and specific application of foam concrete , foam concrete manufacturers Shenzhen foam concrete manufacturers Shenzhen Jin Jianda Construction Co., Ltd. Take you to understand the advantages and use of foam concrete.

Whether from the perspective of the development of the socialist market economy, or China's natural environment protection point of view, "new materials, new energy" is the future development of China's inevitable trend. As the dominant form of economy in China, the construction industry is of great significance to the benefit of the national economy. The foam concrete is the new building material developed under the new technology level. The many advantages of this kind of material have been recognized by the owners.
1. The advantages of foam concrete foam concrete is "porous" building materials, this material combines the mechanical treatment of the foam solution prepared as a foam, and then the foam fusion in the aggregate, water, blending and other combinations Material, the final mixing, pouring from the foam concrete. "Porous" is the biggest feature of foam concrete, its advantages include the following:
1) material light For foamed concrete, due to the "porous" characteristics of the material so that there is a gap within the material, coupled with its own small organizational density and reduce the quality of the entire material. The building experts to test statistics, foam concrete materials and traditional foam concrete compared to its quality to reduce the 50% -70%.
2) strong performance. The new high performance of the new material mainly in two aspects, namely, insulation, insulation. There are different sizes of foam concrete inside the pores, can be formed in the internal insulation layer. And by the density level, the thermal conductivity of the impact of foam concrete in the role of insulation is also particularly significant.
3) fire resistance. Essentially, foam concrete is an inorganic material, which has the characteristics of "fire resistance" and excellent fire resistance. In addition, the use of this new foam concrete material inside the building is also a very good "noise layer", reducing the volume of external noise.
4) green. The active use of new materials not only to meet the requirements of construction standards, for environmental protection can also play a good role. Selection of foam concrete materials to replace traditional materials can save resource consumption and reduce the endless waste of construction resources.
2. The value of foam concrete In the face of increasingly competitive market environment, construction enterprises how to get more economic benefits has become the focus of competition. As a new type of building materials, the advantages of foam concrete also determine its own use value. From the current practical use of view, the value of foam concrete performance in:
1) reduce the weight. Modern architectural design concept advocates "light, light consumption" concept, aimed at constantly reducing the weight of the building. The use of lightweight foam concrete materials can avoid excessive load on the foundation caused by foam concrete subsidence, cracks and other issues, to ensure the extension of the service life of the material.
2) reduce costs. As the new foam concrete material in the preparation of the integration of advanced science and technology, the material production costs will be greatly reduced. If the construction from the perspective, it is directly effective control of the cost of the project cost to prevent the cost is too large and affect the economic benefits of the construction unit.
3) to prevent fire. The current building fire has become the biggest "threat" to influence the use of the building, and many buildings have raised the incidence of fire due to improper use of the material. The use of foam concrete lightweight materials can play a "noise, heat insulation, temperature" and other triple effects, to avoid the occurrence of fire.
4) environmental protection and energy conservation. Facing the increasingly serious social environment of pollution, the natural environment, to take a new type of foam concrete materials used in construction operations. This can ensure the quality of the building under the premise of "energy saving" effect, so that the entire building can be sustained use, and play a good environmental role.
3. Concrete concrete concrete In view of the advantages of foam concrete material itself, its value in practical use has been widely recognized. The acceleration of the pace of socialist modernization has made the use of this new material more common and can be applied to the scope of the project.
1) surface insulation. Take the foam concrete material as the ground insulation layer can play a good thermal insulation effect, especially for the building surface, building interior roof can play an ideal temperature control effect. In different winter and summer season to coordinate the temperature level, to maintain a good living environment.
2) Road and bridge. In the construction of transport infrastructure, foam concrete is one of the indispensable materials, the configuration of foam concrete material will affect the overall road performance. The use of foam concrete can be timely repair road bridge appeared subsidence, cracks and other issues, do a good job repair work to maintain good performance.
3) reinforcement to fill. For most of the roads, housing, bridges, water conservancy and other projects, as long as the use of foam concrete can be used to fill the regular maintenance. Bubble concrete with its own high-quality characteristics is often a good filling material, its rugged, superior performance characteristics recognized.
4. Conclusion The development of social market economy has promoted the progress of various industries, construction is an indispensable part of modern urban construction. In the construction process to select high-performance building materials to maintain good performance, make the building more durable. Foam concrete is a porous material, showing a light, temperature, fire and other different performance, in the construction to be actively promoted.

Hope that the above information can help everyone, the construction of foam concrete concrete cast on the election of Shenzhen Jin Jian Da Construction Co., Ltd.


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