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Manufacturer of lightweight foam concrete benefits-on the use of foam concrete
Edit:Shenzhen Jin Jian Da Construction Co., Ltd   PublicDate:2016-12-19

Modern construction industry into the many aspects of materials, foam concrete is one of the most important structure forming material, this material has many advantages have been recognized by the majority of owners. What are the benefits of using foam concrete? And see it along with the small series.

1, light curing after independence.
Mixture of cement, water and foam bubble light soil, no frozen foam concrete in front of a large number of bubble populations, casting solidification of blowing agents, moisture, evaporation and left is a hole. Because of that its weight is so light. Scenario and apply it to all kinds of engineering and other structures will not be foamed concrete weight bring load. In addition, the strength of foamed concrete autonomy, is also very good, it fills up the steep hillside construction limits of difficulty.
2, high fluidity
It can be very easy construction. Bubble when mixed light soil with excellent liquidity, it can use the hoses conveying up to 500m. But after construction is not required for traditional vibration compacting of concrete, easy strength. Time is demanding the construction environment, fill within an extremely narrow cases of, personnel and equipment could not get foam concrete is simply conveying hose placed in the parts to be poured. For our equipment constantly conveying concrete, like pouring water into the Cup as fast and easy.
3, can be designed according to the used parts free strength and lightweight.
Bubble when mixed light soil, in mix design to achieve the best regulation of air volume, and light aggregate. Choice of lightweight aggregate produced in most other production waste. Such as scoria, pumice, clay pottery, industrial waste grain, coal slag, fly ash and so on is a good choice.

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