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Foam concrete manufacturers in Shenzhen show you concrete curing methods
Edit:Shenzhen Jin Jian Da Construction Co., Ltd   PublicDate:2016-12-19

Foam concrete how to conserve it? Today foam concrete manufacturer in Shenzhen , Shenzhen Jin Jianda Construction Ltd and share with you the curing method of concrete, concrete curing most of the first bubble is divided into two elements: foam concrete conservation of nature conservation can be divided into cover water conservation and plastic film in two ways.
Cover water conservation based on the outside temperature should generally be within 3-12h of the Wuxi finished pouring concrete with straw, Reed mat, sacks, sawdust, wet soil and wet sand or other suitable material of concrete cover, and regular watering keep moist. Date of foam concrete water conservation, Portland cement, Portland cement and slag cement concrete mix shall not be less than 7 nights.
Retarding admixtures or mixed with impermeable concrete requirements, shall not be less than 14 days and nights when using alumina cement shall be not less than 3 nights. Daily of watering of times has can keep concrete has enough of wet state suitable, dang temperatures in 15 ° c above Shi, in concrete pouring after of 3 day and night in the, day at least each 3 hours watering once, night also should watering has two times, in yihou of conservation in the, daily at least watering 3 times around (certainly Dang temperatures dry of when can appropriate of increased watering of times).
For larger area (or volume) of concrete should be used "water conservation" tank within the class of works to be removed mold, concrete reaches a certain intensity of water conservation; or for underground structure basis, again brushing the surface of bitumen emulsions or backfill with soil instead of water conservation.

Above is the concrete curing methods, I hope can bring some help to all work carried out in the future.


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