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Types and characteristics of lightweight aggregate concrete-Shenzhen lightweight concrete manufacturers
Edit:Shenzhen Jin Jian Da Construction Co., Ltd   PublicDate:2016-12-19

What are the characteristics and types of lightweight aggregate concrete? Shenzhen Jin Jianda building limited brings you up to see it.

Lightweight, composite lightweight aggregate is a dry mix, it is mainly used for preparation of light aggregate concrete, mortar and fire-resistant concrete, but can also be used as loose fill insulation material. Natural light weight aggregate material, especially in Northeast China, North China and other places there are substantial. Natural light weight aggregate mining facilities, low energy consumption, low price. So light set material concrete does, it is a insulation performance good of wall body material, can instead of pottery grain concrete, directly site mix material again added water mixing will can construction, by light rough set material (or General sand), for set material preparation and into of dry surface density not is greater than 1900 kg/meters of cement concrete, while also called more hole set material light concrete.
With people thought of improve, by concern of things also gradually increased, also increasingly about some details, while consider of factors also increasingly more has, for light set material concrete of select, just used to as wall of material, more wants to know light set material concrete has which features and the type, following let I to for everyone explained about light set material concrete of about knowledge, hope can help to everyone.
First, what are the characteristics of lightweight aggregate concrete?
1, with light weight, good thermal insulation and fire resistance characteristics.
2, the deformation performance, low elastic modulus.
3, applied to light industrial and civil construction and other projects to improve seismic performance of structures, material saving, improved component efficiency of transportation and installation.
Second, what kind of lightweight aggregate concrete?
Classified according to the type of lightweight aggregate:
1, natural light weight aggregate concrete, pumice concrete, cinder concrete porous Tuff and concrete.
2, artificial light-weight aggregate concrete, such as clay, shale ceramsite concrete and lightweight concrete and expanded perlite used in concrete and lightweight aggregate concrete made with organic, and so on.
3, lightweight aggregate concrete with industrial waste, such as cinder concrete, fly ash ceramsite concrete and expanded beads of slag concrete.
By type of fine aggregates can be divided into:
1, light concrete, is made of lightweight fine sand.
2, sand-lightweight concrete, in whole or in part with sand as fine aggregate made of.
Their use can be divided into:
1 lightweight aggregate concrete, insulation, mainly for the thermal envelope and thermal structure.
2, structural lightweight aggregate concrete with insulation, mainly used for reinforcement and not worthy of reinforced retaining structure.
3, structural lightweight aggregate concrete, mainly used for load-bearing components, the prestressed component or structure.
Well, today to introduce lightweight aggregate concrete at this point, I believe we ought to have a certain understanding of lightweight aggregate concrete, right? When people in the choice of lightweight aggregate concrete, must pay attention to the characteristics and types of lightweight aggregate concrete, not because of blind selection for any reason, this will bring you a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Shenzhen lightweight concrete manufacturers in Shenzhen Jin Jianda building co, Ltd welcome your patronage.


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