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Three benefits of using foamed concrete
- 2016-11-30-

Shenzhen manufacturer of lightweight foam concrete , foam concrete in Shenzhen, Jin Jianda invite you to know the three benefits of using foamed concrete.

And social benefits
Using foamed concrete as a new material, due to the added in the processing of foam concrete of fly ash, slag, limestone powder, such as industrial waste, extraction and environmental protection, extraction of waste can be reused, promoting the efficient use of energy and the recycling of resources, realize the reuse and recycling of waste electric power material circulation development. Bubble concrete to fly ash, and slag, and stone powder, industrial waste for raw materials, bubble concrete of manufacturing reduced has production life in the of particles waste, reduced has PM2.5 problem of part source, can effective ease Yang sand, and sandstorm, and fog haze, weather, reduced air in the of subtle particles real, purification air, practice line has "efforts implementation cycle economic and ecological economic, maximum to reduced operation on environment of effect" of requirements.
Second, the economic benefits
Foam concrete is poured on the site, find the slope, leveling, the Trinity of insulation, saving many procedures. After the mass use, could save about 50% of funding and 50% of roof construction, greatly reducing the funding of construction. Bubble structure of the foam concrete is within close, leakproofness good pressure resistance is strong, not easily deformed; ignition point higher, nonflammable; after tests show that the service life is long.
Third, management efficiency
Using foamed concrete as a new material which can save human resources management benefits. Calculated by 600 square meters, polystyrene laying will take 15 5 days, foam concrete in construction of 6-8 in 5 days. Saves time over 50%, shortens, the corresponding reducing security issues that arise in the project. Foam cement, the main ingredient of concrete with fly ash and other inorganic materials, not containing volatile organic compounds, formed via hydration reaction products, and building other parts (such as cement column-beam) the same basic ingredients, so similar to aging, life for the 50-70. Life extension, reduces the frequency of engineering revision, greatly reduce the expenditures of enterprises.

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