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On the causes of bad of foamed concrete
Edit:Shenzhen Jin Jian Da Construction Co., Ltd   PublicDate:2016-11-30

Effect of foamed concrete directly affect the volume of foam concrete and insulation properties and effect of foamed concrete good mainly for several reasons:
1: foaming agent
This surely explains, choose concrete foaming agent, foam effects are good, on the contrary, is not good.
2: formulation of foamed concrete
Choosing the right foam concrete formula is the key of foamed concrete.
3: construction
Construction workers is also very important, trained and skilled workers can be a good operation, makes the foaming of foamed concrete can fully.
4: foaming machines selection
Foam concrete is by physically foamed cement foam machine, the machine can also affect the quality of the work effect of foamed concrete.
5: temperature
Temperature foaming of foamed concrete plays a very important role and effect of foamed concrete in the summer than in the winter of foam is better than many, construction in the winter, the temperature is too low, and effect of foamed concrete is not ideal. Construction is not recommended in winter. If only the winter construction, can be put to in the next heat.

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