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Discussion on development of concrete materials
Edit:Shenzhen Jin Jian Da Construction Co., Ltd   PublicDate:2016-11-30

Concrete with its good water resistance and excellent plasticity, and excellent fire resistance and become most competitive economy in the world the largest amount (11 billion tons/year) and the most widely used (civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, transportation, petroleum, marine, defense, military, and so on) material.
Research and development tendency of concrete materials
Materials technology of development prompted concrete through composite to high performance and intelligent of, to industrial waste instead of cement to achieved energy-saving emissions many industrial waste as coal thermal power plant emissions of fly ash, and steel factory emissions of grain of BF slag (mill fine), and industrial coal-fired Hou left of failed to full burning of gangue (mill fine), production Silicon metal of emissions of Silicon gray, are can used to part instead of cement, and not reduced concrete of performance. In fact, these replaced cement industrial waste, if the ingredients properly, often more substantial concrete properties such as strength and durability. China's Three Gorges Dam, the usage of 28 million m3, about 67.2 million tons, including replacing cement by fly ash 40%, reducing costs, and successfully solved the problem of temperature rise in massive concrete of three Gorges Dam. Silica fume has become one of the essential minerals of high strength and high performance concrete admixture. [5], prepared by 56% slag and coal gangue and 30% guessed that the cement-free, after a substitute that is used in slag and coal gangue cement, low levels of concrete, it is possible.
High performance
High performance concrete, mainly reflected in: high, high strength and high durability (such as: permeability and resistance of hydraulic concrete in cold area of anti-freeze, airport and highway concrete pavement, abrasion-resistant, marine engineering or chemical engineering of concrete resistance to acid erosion, mass concrete cracking resistance, etc). High workability can be realized through the compound Super plasticizer, allowing concrete to fall by gravity flow without vibration every corner of the template, or self-leveling concrete [3]. high strength and can be implemented with Composite fibers. France research personnel through special industrial pass composite diameter 0.15mm length 13mm, and maximum volume mixed volume for 2.5% of steel fiber, in 400 ℃ of conservation conditions Xia, preparation out of super high strength concrete its compressive strength reached 800Mpa[1]. this concrete in Korea get has commercial application, as Figure 1 (Cheong people line Bridge), span 120m, Arch high 130m, its slender than created has world record. High of durability, according to specific requirements different and composite different of material, as: composite chemical fiber, and Super fine mineral mixed collection material or introduction gas agent, can improve concrete anti-infiltration sex anti-frozen sex, composite steel fiber and Silicon gray can improve road of anti-rushed wear performance, composite BF slag and fly ash can effective improve concrete of anti-sulfate erosion capacity, composite big mixed volume powder coal (] as Figure 2) and phase variable material (as ice) can reduced big volume concrete internal temperature rose to control its cracking,.
Green technology developments the concrete development of energy saving and emission reduction and recycling
Concrete has many advantages, but its impact on the environment cannot be ignored. About 1.5 billion tons a year of concrete cement nearly 9 billion tons of sand and stone, can be said to be the world's largest users of natural resources [1], its production and use will bring many negative effects to the ecological environment. So the concrete is facing the impact of this issue, sustainable economy, circular economy, energy saving and emission reduction and other national policy requires that the concrete must take the Green road. From the cement and aggregate nature of these two aspects to solve.

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