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Foam concrete in building insulation materials will replace the foam becomes the first big thermal insulation material
- 2016-11-11-

Foam concrete in building insulation materials will replace the foam becomes the first big thermal insulation material, replacing the foam in your building, became the first major insulation materials, foam building insulation caused large fires in a row, causing the nation call out, a growing, decided the foam will leave the building insulation market. Foam out and with what to replace, is building energy efficiency a priority. Judging from the present trend, in addition to concrete, there is no other material can be used as alternatives.
In inorganic non-combustible materials, foam glass, aluminum, ceramic foam price is too high, can not be replaced. And insulation of Rockwool mineral wool and other fibers, although price is slightly lower, but still far higher than concrete, and make people itch all over pollutes the environment. In addition, it is not hard bulk materials, application is also more difficult. All of this, has decided that it will not become the dominant building material. Expanded perlite, loose particles such as vermiculite insulation, high water absorption and frost resistance of products do not loose should not be used, so that their application is limited. Foam concrete, low price, easy to get raw materials, rapid construction, and can be made into products, and it has a waterproof, insulation, shock resistance, weatherability, replace it with its foam is the most suitable material. Replaced with foam concrete foam, this trend will become increasingly apparent and will eventually achieve.
Building insulation is a huge market in the next decade, insulation needs at least hundreds of millions of Yuan of market capacity, foam concrete can become the leading insulation material, its brilliant prospects are encouraging. National authorities are currently developing in building insulation, restrictions on the use of policy and phasing out foam, which would create a booming opportunity for foam concrete.
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