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Foam concrete construction of Shenzhen: quietly tell you fire belt of several advantages
- 2016-11-03-

Foam concrete construction of Shenzhen : quietly tell you several advantages of fire belt. fire belt is to prevent fires area burned, plays a protects life and property functions isolated space and associated facilities.
External wall insulation diverse inorganic foaming fire belt, it has several advantages:
1, high fire resistance
Multiple inorganic foaming material belonging to class A1 fireproof material, has good fire resistance, fire resistance of up to 1000 ℃ above, fully meet the requirements of fire resistance of fire belt.
2, high insulation
Inorganic foam closed cell rate due to multiple >95%, high close rate to reduce convective heat transfer, is a prerequisite for high-heat. Build fire belt can reach 0.045W/m k thermal conductivity, and polystyrene Board thermal conductivity comparable to, to meet the needs of building insulation.
3, is relatively good, not cracked
Build fire belt compressive, flexural strength and strength indicators are higher, reaching the relative unity of high strength low density, and transportation is not easy to crack, and in accordance with the fire integrity.
4, high quality light
Light is another advantage of building fire belt. In 100-300kg/M3 can be achieved when the density indicators of fire belt requirements. While significantly reducing costs.
5, harmless
Diverse inorganic foaming fire belt in the exterior wall thermal insulation materials at high temperatures will not burn and does not release toxic gases, which belongs to the safe and environmentally-friendly building materials.
6, long life
Diverse inorganic foaming fire belt in the external wall insulation is greater than 50, and building life can keep pace.
7, good water resistance
Due to the diversity of inorganic foaming material belongs to the silicate material, excellent water resistance.
8, good interface
Because the material is porous material with the mortar, the wall is homogeneous, so the interface is very good, unlike during the construction of organic or cotton insulation materials need to be anchored, and paste it directly.
9, energy security
Production setup does not emit harmful gases and waste, no floats like organic cotton, pollution of the environment.
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