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Maintenance of cast - in - place foam concrete
Edit:Shenzhen Jin Jian Da Construction Co., Ltd   PublicDate:2017-06-12

What is the maintenance of cast-in-place foam concrete ? Let's take a look at Xiao Bian's introduction. The main ingredient of cast-in-place foam concrete (also known as foamed concrete) is foam and cement. The foam is the main condition of the formation of foam concrete and material basis, cement in the foam concrete from the role of condensation. After the cast-in-place poured concrete is poured on site, it is possible to gradually coagulate and harden, mainly because of the hydration effect of cement. The hydration of cement is a complex chemical reaction which occurs in a certain period of time. It needs to have certain temperature and humidity Conditions, in order to harden the concrete, its strength is constantly growing. We have poured the concrete after the need to have some maintenance knowledge, in order to put the concrete pouring the ultimate. It is necessary to carry out the necessary conservation of foam concrete.

The maintenance of cast-in-place foam concrete has three main aspects of maintenance. Mainly foam concrete curing time, foam concrete curing methods, the use of natural conservation:

one, Foam concrete curing time: ordinary cement as a condensed concrete foam concrete, initial setting time is expected to about 60 minutes, the final setting time of about 10 hours, after the final condensate feeling can not sneak, or the surface has a lot of white, should immediately For conservation. The best time to maintain: within 72 hours after the completion of cast.

Second, the foam concrete curing methods, the use of natural conservation:

1, foam concrete has not yet enough strength, the premature evaporation of water will produce a larger shrinkage deformation, the emergence of shrinkage cracks, the final surface of the formation of turtle cracks, relatively thin place from the shell, and grass off.

2, foam concrete finished this is porous, low density, poor water retention, high bleeding rate, although the early cast foam concrete slurry within a large number of foam, liquefaction rate is high, if the construction of inclined roof or construction surface thickness is thin, the construction site temperature Higher, the same loss of water is also fast.

3, foam concrete pouring, if the climate is hot, dry air, foam concrete in the water will evaporate too fast, the formation of dehydration, cement silicate molecules can not be fully hydrated, can not be converted into a stable crystal, the lack of adequate Adhesion, has been converted into pores of the pores of the silicate molecules separated, so that the foam surface of the concrete sheet or powder off.

Bubble concrete conservation master is to control the humidity and temperature of concrete, the surface of all water, to prevent the surface of water evaporation. In order to take effective moisturizing measures, if necessary, cover the surface of the film, curing until the foam concrete condensation, there is no powder sheet so far, and ultimately to achieve the strength of cast-in-place foam concrete.

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