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Shenzhen foam concrete introduction
- 2017-05-31-

Shenzhen foam concrete introduction. Shenzhen Jinjianda Construction Co., Ltd. is a cement foam insulation material research and development, production and sales as one of the building materials equipment business, foam concrete block production line is in response to national energy conservation, scientific and technological innovation, waste utilization, low carbon environmental policy Extend the industry.

The people believe that the new fire insulation materials " foam concrete " project to lead the new trend of fire insulation new building materials to ensure that people's lives and property safety, make up the Chinese building materials market, extruded board, foam polyurethane, rock wool, insulation mortar and other insulation materials Loose, poor stability, and rock wool harmful to the human body, insulation mortar is high water absorption, easy to cause cracking and other defects.

It is understood that a new generation of energy-saving insulation foam concrete is a new light, low cost, green energy, environmentally friendly products, with fire, water, antifreeze, non-toxic, non-aging, anti-static, high mechanical strength, good insulation , Long life, simple construction and so on. Production of raw materials mainly waste ash, cinder, cement, fiber and tailings, mainly from a wide range of sources, low cost, not only to make use of waste to protect the ecological environment, but also to make it in the field of building exterior can be fast Promotion, its economic benefits are very prominent, the market has great potential.

It is reported that the project for the enterprise tax efficiency at the same time, promote and promote the development of local economy and related industries, but also a large number of local coal enterprises emissions of fly ash, waste and other waste recycling, to reduce environmental pollution, improve the local Ecological environment is of great significance. With the development of foam concrete in society. More and more to come to the choice of many buildings.