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Foam concrete strength-Shenzhen foamed concrete manufacturers
Edit:Shenzhen Jin Jian Da Construction Co., Ltd   PublicDate:2016-12-16

Foam concrete is usually prepared for mechanical foam in aqueous foam, then join bubble to siliceous materials, calcium-containing materials, water and various additives, such as slurry after mixing, pouring, conservation of a porous material. As foamed concrete containing a large number of closed pores, so that it has the following excellent physical and mechanical properties.
1, light
Foam concrete of low density, density is generally 300-1800kg/M3, 300-1200 kg/m3 of the density of foam concrete grade, in recent years, the density of 160 kg/m3 won the super light foam concrete in building engineering applications. Because of the density of foam concrete, walls, both inside and outside of the building dimensions, floor, column structures using this material, to reduce weight of the buildings around 25%, some to 30%-40% total weight of the structure. Moreover, the structural members, such as foamed concrete instead of plain concrete can improve the bearing capacity of Member. Therefore, the use of foam concrete in construction projects has significant economic benefits.
2, good thermal insulation properties
Because of their small foam concrete containing a large number of closed pores, so it has good thermal properties, good thermal insulation properties, it is not available in ordinary concrete. Density usually 300-1200 kg/m3 range of foam concrete, thermal conductivity of 0.08-0.3W/(m · K), thermal resistance is about 10-20 times that of ordinary concrete. Foam concrete as wall and roofing materials, has a good energy-saving effect.
3, good sound and fire performance
Foam concrete is a porous material, so it's also a good soundproofing material, floors in the building and Highway noise barriers, underground the top floor of the building can be used as a sound-proof layer of the material. Foam concrete is an inorganic material will not burn, so it has good fire resistance, used in the building, improved fire performance of buildings.
4, good overall performance
Field construction, with the main project closely.
5, good low-elastic damping
Porosity of foamed concrete with a low elastic modulus, so that its impact has good absorption and dispersion.
6, waterproof performance
Cast-low water absorption of foam concrete, relatively independent of closed air bubbles and good overall, so that it has a certain degree of water-resistance.
7, good durability

The same as the main part of the project life.
8, easy production and processing
Foam concrete production not only in the factory into a variety of products, but also construction direct roof, floor and wall coverings.
9, good environmental performance
Foam concrete cement and raw materials required for foaming agent, blowing agents are close to neutral, does not contain harmful substances such as benzene, formaldehyde, avoiding environmental pollution and fire hazards.
10, the construction is convenient
Just use the cement foam machine operation can be automated can vertical pumping height of 200 meters of long distance transportation, the workload is 150-300 cubic meters/day.
11, other properties
Foam concrete also has a good pump in the construction process, high compressive strength (0.5-22.2Mpa), good impact energy absorption performance, extensive use of industrial wastes, low prices and so on.

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