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The advantages of concrete applied to roof thermal insulation
- 2016-11-30-

Roof thermal insulation material which can be used a lot of foam concrete is one of the most respected, Shenzhen foam roof insulation , foamed concrete manufacturers tell you foam concrete of the roof thermal insulation benefits:
1, fewer seams, good effect of heat preservation and heat insulation
Pour in place foam concrete with a large placement, only a few joints, thus its substantial reduction in cold and heat bridges, effectively improve the thermal insulation effect. In the case of the same material, same density, same thickness, pour in place foam thermal insulation effect, at least 20% per cent higher than other methods. Situ foamed concrete thermal resistance is 5-10 times normal overhead insulating bricks, proved that 60mm blocks on fire and bake for 20 minutes, do not seem hot on the back. This roof thermal insulation effect, thus saving energy.
2, cost less than brick and insulation boards
Cast of lightweight foam concrete insulation layer not only cost less than traditional ceramic perlite insulation, but also other cost of insulation 40%-60%. Because of its low density and good thermal insulation properties, suitable for roofs, balconies and other locations.
3, the process is simple, quick construction
Pour in place foam concrete does not need to die or need to shop. Machines can be poured directly on site, manual can save 60%. General construction of foam concrete insulation thickness 50-100mm, 1000-2000m2 can be accomplished in each class, construction speed.
4, protection roof, to prevent roof structure crack
Because concrete has good insulating properties, structure made up of its roof, will not crack due to temperature changes, leading to leakage in waterproof layers. Can effectively prevent roof deformation, cracks in brick walls and roof structure and junction temperature and other diseases.
5, extend water life, strengthening effect
Foam concrete with waterproof layer close to the body, can effectively prevent roof structure caused by the expansion and contraction (or rigid waterproofing layer) of deformation cracks and leakage phenomenon, and can effectively prevent the ageing of materials. Foam concrete in protective roof at the same time, you can also extend the life of waterproofing and strengthening effect.
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