• Roads in-situ foamed concrete

    Roads in-situ foamed concreteFoam concrete construction of Shenzhen, Shenzhen Jin Jianda building co, Ltd welcome your calls, hotline: 18719060906. Jin Jianda carefully committed to building-insulati...Read More

  • Soft road Foundation backfill concrete

    Soft road Foundation backfill concreteFoam (foamed concrete) filling is made using special mechanical foam bubble, foam and mixed Binder slurry into foam slurry, by mechanical pumping poured into the trench o...Read More

  • Slope excavation backfill concrete

    Slope excavation backfill concreteFoam concrete foam base for short, also called foamed concrete or cement foam paste, Jin Jian of NEB of lightweight foam concrete is fully after the foam blowing agent an...Read More